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How to Make Money With a Cellphone Taking Selfies

This is one of my newest ways how to make money with my cellphone, and it's a lot of fun too! 
What better way to make money then learning how to make money with a cellphone, by taking selfies! 
At Pay Your Selfie you can do just that.
The picture below is a screenshot from my phone for the newest available selfie opportunity. As you can see, it'll pay out $.25. 

              The next screenshot (below) shows several of the screenshots I've gotten paid for already. I have a currently pending screenshot which I took yesterday. Within 24 hrs. they are approved. A lot of times it's within a couple hrs. of submitting the picture, it will be approved.
Pay Your Selfie is one of the easiest ways How to Make Money with phone apps I've found.

Finally, the following screenshot shows how much I've earned already. I've only been using Pay Your Selfie for about a month now, and have already earned $5.85! 

I'm all for learning new ways how to make money using my cellphone, tablet, or ipad ! 
I give Pay Your Selfie an A+.

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