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Today is Sunday; during this time of year that means one thing, FOOTBALL! I am very excited because my team, the Eagles are playing at 4:40 this evening.

My oldest children (still home) have now developed a love for football, and watch the games with us. Which is neat because it brings the family together in another way.

My kids are 19, 16, 14, and twins who are 8 (one boy, one girl.) Let me just say; we did not think it out to well when it came to having three teenagers, all at the same time.
Let's just say this; hormones (OMG; hormones,) laziness, raised voices, and arguing are all daily occurrence.

So when there's something (anything really) that can bring us together, then I'm all for it!

Happy football Sunday to you and your fam!

What's your team - Go Eagles!

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