How to Save, Save Time and Money Talking to Utility Companies

save time talking to utility companies

Another bill in the mail that is not correct. What's even worse is now I have to call, and argue with another customer service agent AGAIN!

This had become a monthly ordeal, and I finally had enough!
Here's some ways I've learned how to save; save time and money when talking to utility companies.

We're all crazy busy, and don't have time to argue for 45 - 60 minutes every month. Just to get the savings we're supposed to be already getting.
The worse utility companies are cable, satellite dish, and cell/home phone companies.

chat with bill companiesI am here to help save you, your time and your money.

The first thing I recommend, is do an online chat instead of calling.
There's two reasons for this; one, you'll have a transcript of your encounter as proof of any discrepancies for future bills.
I've found one of the most common responses from a company when pleading your case is, "That's not correct," even if you were told you were going to get a specific promotion.

So when you do an online chat, you then have proof.

Once you are in a chat, look for an envelope and click on it. This is how you'll get your chat transcript emailed to you once you're done.
This is a huge way to save you time and money.

Some companies like to play "hide and seek" with their chat option.
If you can't find an icon, go to the bottom of the website.
Look for a "contact us" link; or it can be under" help" as well.

The second thing to do is remember you are the consumer; they NEED you.
One of the quickest ways to save money, and get promotions (for money off) is to tell them you'll go to another company.

I tell sales representative,"I can't afford to pay (x amount of dollars) I really like my service, but can't afford it, is there any way you can help me out?"

Suddenly, like "magic" nine times out of ten, they will talk with a supervisor, and get you a discount.
                 Because these companies don't want you to go somewhere else.

Remember, there's always a manager or supervisor you can ask to talk to.
If the company is really digging their heels in, and you're not getting the response you are looking for, ask for the manager/supervisor.

I hope you've found some ways to save some time and money.