Fall is Approaching, I Think???

 So, as I sit here listening to the sounds of cicadas. My mind drifts back to the summer vacation. How it was a bittersweet one; being the reasoning was my father in law has pancreatic cancer. It's really hard to get past that when your there knowing this may be the last time you see this person.

I think of the day we spent on the beach, how relaxing it was to just lie in the sun and let it penetrate every muscle, like OMG!
It made me realize I could live here!

We were at the Jersey Shore in Seaside Heights.
We (the fam of 7,) flew into Newark, NJ. after about a 2 3/4 hr. flight.

Now, being on the other side of that whole experience; it's kind of surreal.

My kiddos are back in school as of Aug. 8th, minus my 9 yr. old (autistic) son.

The weather is hot (mid 90's,) like even summer doesn't want to let go yet.

With the kids in school, this frees up time for me to continue following some of my interests; like photography, I'm entering my first art contest, and am really excited.

I'm also pursuing a couple areas of advocacy that I have an interest in.

The other thing going on would be FOOTBALL! Who else is SO excited to have football back?! I know I am, go Eagles!

I hope everybody has an awesome week!