It's the Million Little Things, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Like the microwave; every time our microwave is used it makes a horrible shaking sound.
It's just one of the many little irritants that are just there.
You know, to irritate me everyday just for the fun of it.
Like my life is a huge comic relief for somebody, just not me.
Or the washing machine which has worked awesome, but has recently (7-8 months now) lost the capability to stop filling with water.
So the irritant involves having to turn the water on EVERY TIME I have to do the laundry; and then I get the added "bonus" of having to wait for about 5 min. for my super capacity washer to fill up, so I can then turn it off.
While I stand there for what seems like FOREVER, I just can't bring myself to buy a new one when all I have to do is stand here.
This is my life.
I love my life.
But, some days it just; is. a lot.
I'm sure you can relate, in some way or another.
We do our best day in and day out. It's hard sometimes.
When you have kids who just don't understand to any capacity what it means to be an adult. Yet, they want to stick in their opinions about; pretty much EVERYTHING.
So I'm sitting here taking a few moments by myself.
I'm listening to the birds chirping happily outside my window, and my goat yelling impatiently to be moved.
Here's a video of my drive home from the greenhouse to get mums and pumpkins with my daughter, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.