The Purge

Life is a crazy amount of stuff; like the pile (or drawer) that accumulates on the counter. Until it becomes a massive volcano ready to explode.

The more I see that pile accumulate, the more it reminds me of the things I still have to do, which (by the way) is endless!

I've been told for two years now that I need to make me time. Have I done it, "No." Why, because I just can't seem to get the time.

I have 5 children ages 19, 15, 14, and twins who are 8. And you know what, they keep me BUSY!
You know what I'm tired of my house running me! It's time to take back the house and purge the piles here and there that have become "volcanos."

The next several posts will be bringing you along on my "purge journey."
See ya soon :)